Is Samuelz a franchise?

Is Samuelz a franchise?

Yes, "Samuelz" is indeed a franchise. We operate through a network of franchisees, in addition to company-owned vehicles and subcontractors. Our brand expands its presence and services through Regional Development Centers (RDCs), which are instrumental in developing our franchise network. This structure allows us to maintain high-quality ground transportation services across different locations while ensuring that our brand promise of "Peace and Excellence" is uniformly upheld by all our franchisees and partners.

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    • How can I find out more about your franchise opportunities?

      For information about our franchise opportunities, including how to become a franchisee or a Regional Development Center (RDC), please visit the 'Franchise Opportunities' section on our website or contact our corporate office directly.
    • Contact Samuelz

      Phone Call us at +49-89-143-770-197 Email Contact Form Click here to open our contact form!
    • How do I book a limousine with Samuelz?

      You can easily book a Samuelz limousine through our website, mobile app, or by calling our 24/7 customer service line. Simply select your desired service, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, choose your vehicle, and confirm your reservation.
    • What are your privacy policies for client information?

      Samuelz is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy, available on our website, outlines how we handle and protect your personal and payment information.
    • What payment options are available?

      Samuelz accepts various payment methods including major credit cards, debit cards, and select digital payment platforms for your convenience. Payments can be made online at the time of booking. For further information, please refer to our terms and ...